Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better - so says Pat Riley.

I don't like struggling. To me it is the same as failure because you are not succeeding; you are still trying to. but in this constant strife, you find yourself getting better without even realising it... That's been my experience lately. I feel more equipped for so many things since last year and the only way that Happened was through struggling and getting frustrated at my weaknesses.

These are the things that make us better.... So I guess the only way to get even better than I am now is to continue to struggling as I am now. It is, after all for my own good...

Peace and Lovely Things

I used to think of myself as a happy person. Mostly because I'm generally always in a good mood. I talk a lot, make lots of jokes, but until now, I was never happy.

The kind of happy I'm talking about isn't the fleeting feeling that results from a good song or a compliment. It's a state of mind, I think. It's like reaching the summit after a long climb - a sense of all being right in the world. When that shift happens in your life, it doesn't matter what goes wrong or right everywhere else in your life because you are grounded and none of it can sway you....

So there you have it! I am no longer a happy person. Rather, I am simply happy.