Laugh a Little

The 2 times my mom lost me!
The 1st.
I was 3. My mom and I were taking the bus down to Cape Town for the December Holidays and we stopped in Queenstown for refreshments and to... refresh! As we walked out of the restroom area, my mom realised that she had left something back inside.Instead of taking me with her to fetch it, the woman told me to wait outside while she went in. I must've not heard her because when I realised that she was gone, I freaked out and started running! luckily on of the ladies that was in the same bus as us recognised me, stopped me and waited with me until my mom came.

The 2nd.
Same trip. We managed to arrive in the Mother City without any more drama. a few days later Mom took us shopping at a famous shopping mall there ( I was 3- I don't know what it was called!) and again I disappeared. Poor mom must've been sure she'd never find me this time, but she did. I was outside the mall, on my haunches with my panties off.... relieving myself; In front of everyone! LOL, luckily for me, my mom was too relieved to find me to even give me a hiding! when she tells the story now, she says that she is so proud that I knew better than to wet myself when I needed to tinkle! True story!

I told You!
You know those kids that cry on their first day of school? I was not one of those. My fierce independance is in my DNA. As much as I was raised by an independant woman, I am convinced that my independence is in my DNA and isn't something that was drilled into into growing up. I'm convinced that I cried alot as an infant because even then, I had an opinion about everything and crying was the only way I knew how to voice those opinions at the time.

When I was in 1st grade, my mom sent me to a not so good school for a couple of months while she looked for a better one for me. I loved it at this school. I had a key to the house and it was a short walking distance from home so after school I would walk home, let myself in and make my own lunch then do homework or watch tv till my mom came home. I loved it! it was better than playing house!

So you can imagine my disdain when my mom informed me that I was going for an interview at a school in town.That meant that she would drop me off and pick me up from school everyday! NOT COOL! Instead of kicking and screaming all the way to the interview, I very maturaly informed my my mother that I didn't want to change schools.I was 7 so, of course I never got the last say; I was taken for the interview anyway. Because I refused to be disregarded, I went to the interview but refused to say word the whole time. I followed all the various instructions,but when it came time to for them to assess my speech, I remained tight lipped. When my mom took me outside to try and twist my arm, I very calmly said, " I told you I don't want to go to this school." I was accepted at the school without having my speech assessed

Yup, that's me. You'll never get emotional blackmail or tantrums from me. What you see is what you get. Don't say I didn't tell you.

Just Jump In!
It was the winter of 2005. The team was in King William's Town that week,Jessica and I were hosted by the same family! they were really awesome. We clicked with all of them from the word go.
So the one afternoon we were off, Jessica, James (the little boy)and I decided to go for a swim ( in the middle of winter!) to ward of the boredom woes!
I thought it was a great idea until I was in my costume standing at the pool. James was the first to leap in, showing us grown ups the meaning of bravery. Jessica followed so as not to be out-braved by a 7 year old, but I remained firmly in place at the edge of the pool, way too frightened of the possibility of being turned into a block of ice by the freezing water.
The two in the water realised that all I needed was a little nudge over the edge;so Jessica shouted encouragingly, "Come in Nolo, the water is so nice." That was all the urging I needed. Before I could change my mind, I took 2 steps back ,and did a small run-up for my very graceful water bomb!
Of course Jessica was lying to me, because when I was about a split second from entering the water, Jess, screamed, "It's freeezing, Nolo!!"..... and she was right! I can't be angry with her though, because, truth be told, I would'nt have jumped if she had first told me the truth.

I Love Polony!
ok no,I actually hate polony, but I used to love it! this is how it happened.....
The year was 2005 BYSA Ministry Team (Fusion North). The place was a VW Microbus that was parked in front of an old age home or something-sidebar - at this stage I liked polony, but my friend Genevieve was trying to convince me that I shouldn't - and we're back in -. I had a polony sandwich in my hand (we were all having lunch)and as I was about to take a bite, Gen pipes in ( as she always does when she sees polony), "You know what they put in polony, right?". I roll my eyes at her and say, "yes Gen, I know; Cow hooves, chicken beaks, pigs testicles and everything leftover from animals".Big mistake seeing as yours trully thinks in pictures. As I was describing for myself what makes up polony,I pictured it all in my sandwhich. I swallowed a little bile that came up into my mouth and very neatly put my sandwich back in my lunch tin. That was the last time I ever ate polony!