Sunday, February 10, 2013

Taming The Shrewd

"Sweeties are not in your nature. You like them tough and difficult to handle. They intrigue you somehow. Like a challenge you like to conquer," he said.

mmhhmm I can't help but  think it's true. I do like the challenge. It bores me if it falls in my lap, but it never ends up on my lap when I rise to the challenge so what, pray tell, is the alternative? Why go head to head with the shrewd when losing is inevitable? I'm not sure how to "rethink my stratergy", as he puts it. And so I run - which makes me a runner. I'd rather be that than stay and fight fights that are impossible to win. No, it's not about  winning. It's about getting what I feel I deserve - which in essence is winning.

I guess when I didn't know I was a Joan of Arc, I fought all the battles and it was thus about winning. But now that I do know, it's going to be about choosing my battles - A wise brute of sorts. Sigh, if only they were not all losing battles. Although,  if they were all meant to be won, none of them would hold value. This is one of those things I only need to get right once... just once...