Friday, May 28, 2010

Ode to Friends

Once a month, I hijack my collegue's montly issue of "Women's Health" ( I know, I'm such a cheap skate right?). I always learn something new about maintaining a healthy lifestyle when I browse through that magazine; I should really consider buying it for myself.....

Anyway! that was the backdrop not the point!. In in this month's issue of "Women's Health", I learned that to better control my eating lifestyle, I must keep a diary record of all the food that I eat on a daily basis. So feeling very motivated, I shared this new found knowledge with Dolly, the other PA at work and a very good friend of mine- you know those people that you just click with the minute you meet? well that's Dolly- and she was not impressed! Nevertheless, because she loves me so much, she humoured my new craze. Now, instead of eating one whole chocolate each for example, Dolly will buy one and force us to share it.

I figure, that this is what friendship is all about. It's sharing each others burdens no matter how meagre. True friends are the people that laugh and cry with you. They go on crazy adventures with you even while they question your sanity! True friends will stick with not matter what the pickle. Thank you, my friends, you colour my world with your presence!

Monday, May 17, 2010


A few days ago, my cousin came home from watching a soccer game at a friend's house, casually told his youngest brother to look after his son then walked into his room and put a bullet in his head. No one saw it coming; there were no warning bells in his behaviour or his life. He just shot himself, seemingly out of the blue.

The tragic news got me thinking about the concept of hope. It saddens me to think that so many people out there don't have it.They have families and all the material things money can buy yet they look at their lives and see emptiness; a black abyss. They have nothing to hope for.

I count it a privillege that I have Jesus who will always be there, even if my family disowns me and I lose all my riches. I'm humbled by the knowledge that I need not carry my burdens on my own. Jesus doesn't share them with us, instead he takes them upon himself even though we are so often directly responsible for them.

May you know the peace of Christ today. May you know that there is no situation too desperate or too hopeless that He cannot deliver you from it. May you know that to come to your rescue, he would cross mountains, part seas. For you, he would walk through fire; He would suffer through cruel beatings and rejection.May you know that He has done all of this already and he would do it all again. For you.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ode to Shoes

While some people use make up, fancy dresses or funky head gear to express themselves, I choose shoes. This is probably because shoes will always fit! I never have to go on some crazy diet to ensure that they look good on me; it's absolutely awesome!

Once I put on my apple green peep-toe wedges, I become the sexiest woman alive. I feel invincible, nobody can get me down and the world is my oyster.I could be wearing a black garbage bag, with hair so dirty, it sticks together; but in my shoes I am a Nubian Queen!

Here's to my beautiful shoes; they help me be the best any thing I can be!