About Me - In a number of nutshells

A summary
Anything that puts a smile on my face makes it onto the list of all my favorite things.I love to laugh, so I try to keep company with funny, intelligent encouraging people. I love music because it has the ability to stir up a fire of excitement in me. I love shoes, because in them I can be bold, sexy, beautiful and invincible.I love chocolate because, well, it fixes everything of course! Last but not least, I love Jesus because, He can put a smile on my face without any of the tangible things that I love!

Nolo- The guitarist
I learned how to play the guitar at the ripe age of 16.My love for the insrument was born from hours and hours of Mtv; my friend Nicloe and I would spend most afternoons after school watching music videos and dreaming of being as good as all the guitarists we saw, even if it was just Nelly Furtado strumming an A throughout a song- Those were the days of "I'm Like a bird" and other songs like "teenage dirtbag" and "story of a girl". Nicole and I would work songs out on our own or together and spend hours dreaming away about how we would one day rock the world with our unique flavour. Those were good times!

Nolo- The Music Lover

Every morning while I'm getting ready for work, I put on the tv to the dstv music channels and hope to find some good music to start off my day. Some days, I catch a good song which stays with me and keeps me on a sort of high for the rest of the day! Those are always the best days for me; it's like I have earphones in my ears with this song playing the whole time and everything that's happening around me good or bad (especially bad though) is muffled out by the song.
If music be the food of life, play on!

Nolo - The Photographer (?)

I love taking photos! I think it's because I've met so many amazing people and done so many amazing things over the past 7 years of my life, that I've slowly developed the need to somehow record all of it.I've found it increasingly difficult over the years to hold on to people and experiences and having pictures of all of it is like a reminder that I was once that person and those things did happen; it often feeds my nostalgia, but somehow also intensifies my melancholy at times when I lose sight of who I am and where I'm going....

I think that one of my biggest hopes is to someday have the able to take the kind of picture that takes one's breath away and makes one wish they were in the scene that I've captured...