Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Future bride

So there I was. At my friend's wedding, In the front row where I was sure my chances of catching the covetted bouquet would be slimmest. All the single ladies behind me waving their arms and giggling nervously as though this contest would decide the future of their relationships. "Ready?!", shouts the doting new bride. "Ready!!", we confirm. My arms folded, ready to watch the bouquet fly past me and into the eager group of in-a-serious- relationship girls. It was gonna be interesting to see who would catch it...

Imagine my suprise as I watched that bunch of flowers coming straight for me. The clock that I hear tick tocking at the back of my head every time one of my friends ties the knot just started tick tocking with more urgency. Oh crap!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Finger up my nose

It is near impossible to get through life alone.

I hate being a burden to people so I try very hard not to be. So far in this year, I have found it increasingly difficult to do things without any help from someone. Every once in a  while, I find myself needing assistance of some kind. I'll be in a crisis (of my own making) and there will appear to be no way I can get out of it by myself. Pride has me thinking that I can do it on my own,but I soon find that I can't. Much to my dismay, pushing a round peg into a square whole is not possible...

We all need people to get by in life otherwise we are royally screwed! I am learning that Ubuntu isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. Lesson learned.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Like Sands Through The Hour Glass...

... so have the days of my life been going! I have discovered that it is near impossible to blog about anything deep when you are too busy. Who care about the shape of leaves when you have 4 academic assignements due in one day?!

I'm loving my new life. I finally feel like a grownup what with all my new responsibilities. But at times it does get overwhelming and I find myself thinking why I thought it was a good idea to study and work at the ame time; I mean really? I feel like I'm trying to juggle ten million things at once and I'm failing dismally.  In some ways it is a good thing because I have a point of reference for all the theories I am learning in my course, but I have no  time to really delve into all the work, so it feels like i'm missing out on so much. I feel like I have to choose between the two. Which will get more of my attention than the other and that giving them both my full attention is not an option... *sigh*

But what choice  do I have but to trudge along and hope for the best....?