Friday, March 11, 2011

Like Sands Through The Hour Glass...

... so have the days of my life been going! I have discovered that it is near impossible to blog about anything deep when you are too busy. Who care about the shape of leaves when you have 4 academic assignements due in one day?!

I'm loving my new life. I finally feel like a grownup what with all my new responsibilities. But at times it does get overwhelming and I find myself thinking why I thought it was a good idea to study and work at the ame time; I mean really? I feel like I'm trying to juggle ten million things at once and I'm failing dismally.  In some ways it is a good thing because I have a point of reference for all the theories I am learning in my course, but I have no  time to really delve into all the work, so it feels like i'm missing out on so much. I feel like I have to choose between the two. Which will get more of my attention than the other and that giving them both my full attention is not an option... *sigh*

But what choice  do I have but to trudge along and hope for the best....?

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