Friday, May 28, 2010

Ode to Friends

Once a month, I hijack my collegue's montly issue of "Women's Health" ( I know, I'm such a cheap skate right?). I always learn something new about maintaining a healthy lifestyle when I browse through that magazine; I should really consider buying it for myself.....

Anyway! that was the backdrop not the point!. In in this month's issue of "Women's Health", I learned that to better control my eating lifestyle, I must keep a diary record of all the food that I eat on a daily basis. So feeling very motivated, I shared this new found knowledge with Dolly, the other PA at work and a very good friend of mine- you know those people that you just click with the minute you meet? well that's Dolly- and she was not impressed! Nevertheless, because she loves me so much, she humoured my new craze. Now, instead of eating one whole chocolate each for example, Dolly will buy one and force us to share it.

I figure, that this is what friendship is all about. It's sharing each others burdens no matter how meagre. True friends are the people that laugh and cry with you. They go on crazy adventures with you even while they question your sanity! True friends will stick with not matter what the pickle. Thank you, my friends, you colour my world with your presence!

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  1. Some of the women I go to the gym with have kept food diaries. I know that if I do, I'll rethink that handful of M & Ms...and I'm not ready to do that yet!