Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Final Countdown!

You know those losers that count down the days before their birthdays? Well, I am one of them! From around March already, I start calculating how many weeks I have to wait until my birthday so if I am so excited at that time already, you can just imagine how bad I am when it's down to 5 days right?

I don't know what it is about my bday, I think it's because when i was growing up, my mom had this work friend who would make a huge fuss over it. Every year I knew that she would come over on my birthday with a cake on the one hand and a gift on the other; she was the best!

I think it's still the same now; I countdown to the one day in the year where people shower you with love and attention and only know the good things about you. On your birthday, you are never too bossy, or loud or annoying. People flock to be at your side if only for that one day! It's not that I am attention deprived or anything, its just that so often we look right past each. We forget to appreciate the people we have in our lives and even worse we forget to tell each other how much we appreciate each other, but on your bday, there can never be too much acts to show appreciation!

May you show your appreciation for your loved ones everyday and not just birthdays. may you realise how blessed you are to have the people you do in your llife

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