Friday, June 18, 2010

Love God - Part 2

In what is so often a petty attempt at loving God, I have learned one thing.Contrary to popular belief, saved people are no panzies! Being a child of God is really, really hard.

I think that it takes so much courage and strength to be able to say to yourself, "Yourself, I want to stand blameless before God and because of that I will not take part in certain things." We live in a society that encourages experimentation and doing whatever feels good at that moment and we forget that Christianity is in the business of pleasing God and not self.

More often than not, I find that doing the right thing or the God thing is much more painful than doing the wrong. I don't know about you,but once I've chosen the right thing over the wrong, there isn't a wave of relief that washes over me. I know that what I've done is right but I wonder about the wrong too...... the spirit is willing but the flesh is indeed weak.

That's why I'm grateful for my salvation. In the midst of feeling guilty for desiring the wrong, I realise that I have done the right and God sees that. You see, when he works in us it is a process. He is still going to get to my inside if only I am willing

So here's to all God's children. You are stronger than the world or even you give yourself credit for. Take a moment to think about that before you guiltily flog yourself for sins that Jesus already died for. Get up, Dust yourself off and keep moving!

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