Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just another morning in Umtata

Every single day I spend in this, my home town, i find something new to... like (?) about Umtata.

Like the other day for example; i got kicked out of a taxi at 7:45am! You heard me, kicked out of a taxi at peek hour traffic in Umtata!!(after i paid the taxi fare, just by the way). In my defense, i was, how do you say?... unfairly dismissed and the taxi driver was unfairly treated. In his shoes, I would have probably done the same thing and then some!

who was to blame then, you may ask. Well, let me just first say that owning a vehicle does not mean that you know everything there is to know about taxi drivers and their driving habits. In fact, i would go as far as to say that you don't know anything about taxi drivers because you own a vehicle.

Ever wondered why taxi drivers are such terrible drivers? because they have 14 back seat drivers very "knowingly" guiding them as to which routes to take into town, how fast to drive and of course when he may or may not change gears.

why does he stop in the middle of the highway to drop off a group of school kids? because, those kids' mother is in the taxi throwing snide comments at the inconvieniance of pulling over at a safe place because it's not as close to the school as right there in the middle of the highway!

well, the taxi driver in question must have gotten sick of these comments. After being chirped for his "incompitent" driving and terrible condition of his taxi, this frankly patient gentleman took us over the white Umtata bridge, up Madira road and over Sutherland Street before very calmly pulling over and telling u that this was as far as he was wiling to take us. To my suprise, no one said a word as they got out of the taxi and went about their day. It could have been because he driver looked ready to pull out his gun and shoot every one of us if we gave him any nonsense; that is if he had a gun.

needless to say, i am sure that those passenger pretty much spoiled that guy's day and i doubt he will ever come back to North Crest again. Ever

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