Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ode to Chocolate

I don't care what people say, chocolate fixes everything! The other day, I was having an awful day... work was sucking and I didn't wanna go home coz it reminded me of how much the rest of my life was sucking; then I ate chocolate that someone bought me and wala, all my troubles were swallowed up by the rich, sweet goo that was oozing down my throat! Even better was that when the chocolate was finished and the after taste was gone, the feeling of freedom from all my woes stayed on and the rest of my day was fabulous! It happened exactly as Barney often says; I just stopped having a sucky day and had an awesome one instead, all because of chocolate - true story!


  1. eish wrote a whole comment and was deleted - but basically melt topdeck and smartie eggs and eat with teaspoon - after years of research that is my top chocolate combo altho new dark chocolate mint also right up there

    good writing and now every now and then when you write something you particularly write add a link in a note in facebook so people will come check it out...

    love brett fish

  2. Yes i used to feel that way about chocolate, but gradually I changed and now I don't.

    By the way, MTHATHA is spelled MTHATHA these days, don't you know? There aint no Umtata in dis country, baby.

    Enjoyed your posts very much Nolo, especially the one by Rooseveld. Have read other quotes by him and am realising he was quite a special person, and so was his wife, Mrs Rooseveldt (ha ha! Her name was Eleanor). I also enjoyed the posts of Brettfish. Bye for now, chocolate lover.