Wednesday, March 3, 2010

He Believes In You

So, the other day at young adult's we watched one of Rob Bell's DVD's; you know, those nooma short films they do? (how cool are they?!!)

Anyway, we watched the 8th one called Dust. for the rest of the group it was their 1st viewing of any of this guy's stuff,but for me, it was about the millionth time i'd seen this specific one,never mind the the other DVD's.

what i'm observing and enjoying about Rob Bell is the way he touches on many aspects of a topic. He leaves you with so many detours to explore even though his destination is completely different to where those detours lead; so every time I've seen Dust, Ive come away with something different.

This time, I was amazed at the concept of God believing in us. You see the mistake I often make in my way of thought is that God is ready and waiting with a red pen, just itching to put a big cross on whatever I've done wrong at the time. God has become that guy that's always critisising the things that I do. What a blatant lie i have been believing!

Just as Christ believed in 12 wet-behind-the-ears laymen to take the gospel to all the world, he believes in me for great things too. He knew all the mistakes I would make before the universe came into existence, yet He created the world, came and died for it, then to top it all off, allowed me to exist despite the msitakes I would make. How can I now not believe that he believes in me? How can I possibly think that he doesn't have something amazing planned for me and that He actually believes I can achieve it(not hopes or wishes, but actually believes it)?

i don't know about you, but this has got me wondering if I really fathom this God of mine or if I've just been scraping away at the tip of the tip of the iceberg all this time.

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