Friday, March 12, 2010

Men In Trees

You know the serries don't you? Popular New York relationship coach flees to a small Alaskan town following her fiance's infidelity? It's not the best serries to ever grace our television screens, but I find it charming enough to watch it on a regular basis. It's my thursday night tv ritual, you see.

So in last night's episodes (they run 2 ever thursday night), Marin (the protaganist)got her heart broken. Although I have never been one to allow myself to be reduced to tears because of a chick flick, much less a chick serries, this episode tugged at a string. Marin took a risk. After her fiance cheated on her, it took some doing for her to find her feet, to be comfortable with the prospect of being single (which seems to be an uphill battle for most women these days- i don't know why!)and she finally takes a chance on this guy, and BAM!! As the gods of fiction would have it, his ex-girlfriend comes back to town and what does he do? he chooses her over our Marin! Outrageous!

so, why did I cry, you may be wondering, because let's face it, this isn't the most suprising plot ever created right? Coincidently, just yesterday afternoon, I was chatting with a girlfriend about rejection- I pointed out that rejection is hard to swallow, because it's the realisation of your worst fears. Marin spent all that time on herself, finding her inner independant woman, just to have that Charlie's angel turned down cold. Eish! I guess you can say that I was crushed for her on the one hand, but on the other, I was was crushed for myself (past experience- long story). I've always been an independent , borderline feminist woman, and for a moment, while watching Marin get crushed, I was in her shoes, having my worst fear realised- that perhaps I'm too independent, too vocal- too much.

But as much as this is a fear, I rebel against it! Who was Marin trying to better herself for(who am I bettering myself for?)?I trust that it was not for her next relationship. I'd like to think that she was merely rolling with the punches, adjusting to her current situation- celibacy. I hope that she was doing it for herself and not for the acceptance of people, because if the latter is the case, I am wasting my thursday night on a very sad serries and there is too much real sadness happening in life for me to waste my tears on fiction.

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