Thursday, April 4, 2013

Joburg vibes

Every Tuesday Shikisha hosts what they call the Homegrown  Live Sessions. Some sessions are bigger than others depending on the band being hosted. On this particular night, our sights were set on the bands Uju and The Fridge.

Uju is unfamiliar to me. One could describe their sound as  a rough, edgy amalgamation of emotions. From the lead singer's booming,  bold voice to the dramatic drumming, these guys really seek to have you sitting up straight from the word go with their music and more than occassional poetic outbursts. The Uju experience can only be described as spontanious.

The Fridge. This three piece band has compelled me to go on some of my greatest adventures into the heart of Joburg. Adventures that have made me fall deeper in love with the City of Gold and with music itself.

From the very first time I heard Samthing Soweto, lead singer of The  Fridge sing, I was mesmerised. His voice to me created the imagery of the ripples formed when pouring syrup - yes, syrup! His voice is a combination of control and playful spontinaity. Muthusi, the band's bass guitar and rhythm guitar player has often declared himself a lover of the jazz chords. When playing live he spends more time on the bass guitar while the 6 string is saved for the more intimate songs, but I  have often had to physically count the strings to make sure it is in fact a bass being played because he sometimes rocks out full chords on it! Ade, the drummer is never satisfied with the simple beats often toying around with the rims of his snare and tom toms. I am yet to hear a drummer that is as descreetly prominant as he.

I'm learning very quickly that  Joburg is alive with the sound of music. All you need to do is find the particular music that you love and then just follow it!

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