Saturday, July 20, 2013

Me Time

I've always hated being alone or doing anything alone, but as I've grown older, I've come to tolerate  alone time. I even started to (reluctantly) like it.
Don't get me wrong, It hasn't been by choice. Sometimes my roommate leaves me to my own devices for the weekend and I automatically think "this really sucks!". But then she comes home and I think, "Why on earth are you back?! I was having so much fun in uninterrupted vegging! Partypooper!" For a while I've wondered what was wrong with me. Why can't I just be satisfied for once?! But that's the beauty of a duel personality. I feed off the energy of others, but regrouping on my own is enjoyable too. There's no need to choose.
A few weeks after the unfortunate birthday incident, a verse found me. It speaks about being content no matter what. I initially connected this to the whole Carlos situation but right now, I'm thinking it has more to do with understanding that both being alone or being with people is my strength. I thrive in both.
These past few months, I was starting to think that aging has turned me into a dull dud. But it's official; age is making me more interesting!

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