Saturday, November 10, 2012


So there I was;In the shower, music in the background, minding my own business when the opening rift came drifting to my ears and I couldn't skip it as I usually do. I had to listen... It made me sad....

There was a time when I loved that song. The chord progression and the singer's rough voice got me everytime. But I'd made memories to it now, memories I can never have again. Hearing that song was a reminder of that. Then it occurred to me how much we miss out on. I'd been missing out on good music because it hurts to go back there. How much more have I been missing out on because I havn't been brave enough to go through the pain and get to the other side?

But this is life. It is beautiful, excrutiating, exciting, dangerous. If we only experience the goodness in life, can we really say we've lived it to the full? So I say embrace it all even though we want only the good. Take the bad too, feel it and then move on to better things. Goodness knows that those better things would not feel better if it were not for the bad things.

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