Friday, December 14, 2012


I am a music fanatic! But I've never had the ability to produce heartbreakingly beautiful music despite my love for the art. Every once in a while I stumble upon someone who blows me away musically. Today it happens to be Christina Perri.

I first heard of her on "So You Think You Can Dance" where they used her song "Jar of Hearts" then she blew me away again when I watched The Twilight Saga and "A Thousand years" came into my life. What beauty! I cried. Because of the melody, because of the lyrics. It all came pouring over me and I was overwhelmed. I have  visions of myself walking down the aisle with this song....
I've always admired people who've had the ability to make time stand still with their music. Those songs that can make you feel indescribable pain and overwhelming joy all at once. The kind of song that leaves you speechless.... This song is the one....

Check out Christina Perri on her website or follow her on twitter @christinaperri

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