Sunday, December 9, 2012

Starting Over

Hi, I'm Nolo. I am a 27 year old black woman who teaches English in high school. I enjoy music, talking and sharing my life with people. I give way too much of myself which is something I've always liked about myself.... I've seen and done  many things in my life, all of which have changed me dramatically. This is an attempt at starting over.

I sometimes wish that I could go back in time and do things differently, but this is unrealistic. There is no going back. Yearning for the past is futile. Life moves forward and the only good looking back brings is to equipp you for a better tomorrow.

A better tomorrow. What does that even mean? For me, tomorrow is better because I am wiser than I was yesterday. My blunders teach me how to do it better next time; it makes me stronger. Starting over therefore does not mean forgetting yesterday or trying to be who I was back then, but recognising and accepting the differences yesterday brought and continuing to move.

And so here I am; starting over. Starting from scratch. Rebuilding on a foundation that I hope is wisdom. Hoping for a house that is better than the one I was in before.

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