Monday, June 10, 2013


I breathed a sigh of satisfaction and smiled to myself as I placed the last wet plate on the rack to dry. It has been almost two weeks now and I thought I was doing well on the domestic plight to be the proverbs 31 woman. But reality is not so positive.

You see the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 has really encouraged me to step up the way I think and the things that I do in my life. This woman does not need to be a wife in order to be all these things. After all, if you can't look after your house  and pay the bills as a single woman, how are you gonna do it in a marriage?

As I consider all these things and think about my walk in this road, I glance over at my flatmate with guilt... while I eagerly arise with my alarm in the morning and strive to be this woman, am I not hindering her from being her too? How do I behave in such a way as to encourage the same desire in her?

This is trully something to chew on, because I cannot grow and leave others behind.... It renders the virtuous woman redundant

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