Friday, July 16, 2010

It's not how it looks!

OK, before I embark on my deep and meaningful thought, I have a confession; please don't laugh ok? I put pictures in my blog posts now because I've finally discovered how it's done! lol. That's right, when it comes to technology, I tend to be one (or two) steps behind. One might say that I'm a bit of a techonology retard, but I would like to think of it as laid back. I like to savor and enjoy all that technology has to offer me! I take my time with each new thing that I learn, while other people rush to learn new things all the time! Ok, back to the funkier, nicer-to-meet version of me!
Despite the fact that I don't like pink, I find that this is the picture that says the most about me. Many will argue that while I appear happy,confident and strong on the outside, I am soft, vulnerable and often insecure on the inside. But I think that that is the very thing that makes me more of a square than a white elephant (rare/unique) because I believe that all women are this way. It's like Kiera Knightley once said, (something like...) " Even skinny girls have fat days".  She's so right. Even though I am a good guitar player, there are days when I think to myself, "Myself, what the hell is that noise?!!" We may try to be superwoman, strong and indestructable on the outside, but the truth is that on the inside, we are a little less.I think that inner vulnerability and tenderness are some of the things that make us women. These are the things that evoke the need for men, be it our fathers, brothers, friends or lovers to want to take us in their arms and protect us and love us.

Deep down we all have an irresistable tenderness; we pump thick,warm,lumpy custard whether we care to admit it or not.


  1. This really expresses a lot about you--I really enjoyed reading it. The picture is fantastic--it truly evokes everything you describe.

  2. I don't pump custard... I hate custard- especially thick, warm, lumpy custard. Hehe. But I think you are right: perhaps my heart pumps chocolate mousse... at least something soft and squishy. x