Thursday, July 22, 2010

Speaking Of Which....

Speaking of  American talk shows, I loooooove the Ellen Degeneres Show!

While other shows like Oprah teach you how to love yourself  by focussing on all the stuff you hate about yourself , Ellen is like, " forget about all that! let's dance and laugh and enjoy!" I mean, a few weeks ago, during her mother's day show, she had a pregnant lady doing the booty hop on stage! Can you imagine that happening on Oprah? I  sure can't! even the guests on her show seem to be less conscious of themselves and their "image", it's all about them as people (or I'm just seriously  brainwashed and I need help! that is a possibility!)

I've come to believe that life's too short to be afraid or stressed or any of that negative stuff. We ( mostly women) spend too much time poking at our love-handles, trying to excercise the weight off and finding the right jean cut that will create a better silhouette; it's ridiculous! A friend of mine once said to me that we are at our best looking right now, so why not enjoy our bodies? Ok, granted, my friend is slender and diets and other such things are a foreign concept to her, but she had a point.Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with excersising and eating correctly, but don't let it steal your joy! If it makes you feel dispondent about yourself, then there is a problem.

I there's one thing I take away from Ellen, it is that, there is too much sadness in the world for me to be wearing myself down with silly things like my weight. so  in the words of Ellen;!

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