Friday, August 6, 2010

Ramblings Of A Bored Banker

On days like today, when I'm bored out of my mind and there is absolutely nohting to keep me occupied, I find that my mind wonders to all sorts of crazy places.

My head is an unpleasant place to be in when I'm having the day that I'm having.I think that's why I want to move; so I won't have a  second to myself or my thoughts, because once my mind starts to wonder, there's no stopping it. It has a mind of its own! I've also realised what has made me even more bored in the place that I'm in right now. My work is not challenging. It does not push me to go distances i've never thought possible for me. I don't find myself panicking when at faced with the possibility of failure only to be met with the excitement of success and knowing that I can  do it!

But I'm going to try. Try to wait for my name to be called; for the moment when I'll be given the opportunity to show the world that I can catch whatever it throws at me!

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