Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It's been such a crazy 11 days! over the past few days my world has been turned upsidedown, but in a good way.

It's true what they say; it is darkest just before dawn comes. I've heard this and many similar quotes countless times in a futile attempt to encourage me about my future and with the passing of time, I've been tempted to throw a chair at whoever would tell say such things to me. The thing is, I believed that God is a God of miracles and He will come through for us no matter how bleek the situation gets, but when you are in the middle of that bleekness, you don't want to hear theory, you want to see the theory materialise into something tangible. I was at that point; I knew and fathomed that joy comes in the morning, but more than that I wanted to see it. And did I see it!! Talk about the eleventh hour! Just when I had trully given up and given in, He answered my prayers and things are slowly falling into place. The light at the end of the tunnel is no longer an alligation but a  reality; I see it in the not too far distance..

Watch out world, here I come!

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  1. Hey Nolo ..! I see mo one else commented Well, I confess i dont usually read bogs and hd forgotten you hve one ... but `i read over your lst few posts since September and liked the one based on CS Lewis' thoughts (about all those glorious beings who are our neighbours and friends, you remember ...) and I thought Id say hi. So you think you are an over thinker. Or should i say, "So you think YOU are an over thinker ?????"

    So randomly responding to some of your thoughts:So glad the heavens have burst open and flooded you with something good, that's always nice! I don't much agree with the culture of aiming to be rich which, though it will be hotly denied, is what many Christians see God as a route towards ....I do understand the impetus on an individual level, but we must guard against swallowing the prevailing culture; it is so prevalant, it seeps into out thinking, our assumptions,and is difficult to escape from. The culture of status, acquisition, social climbing - its so empty. My goal is to be FREE!!! One can never be free while these dominate our thinking. Yet how to do it? Constant renewing of the mind, i suppose. And filling the mind with REAL riches.I'm sucked in as much as anybody! And I totally see why anyone would ant a flat, a car and better job, and I hope you do get all of those!!! My conclusion is tht anyone who is ALIVE is constantly in a state of tension between poles - and growth is the process of finding, or even just struggling towards, resolution between the opposites. If we were not involved in this struggle, we would be spiritually dead. To stay alive, however, we must not satisfy ourselves with th first answer that comes along ... be willing rather to change our views, and change our behaviour.Its good to be alive, and not dead, and I hope you stay as alive as you are.
    Bye for now .. love, Jane.