Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What I've become

It is said that a man has 3 women in his life; The one he whose marriage material; the one whose his best friend and the one he just wants a 1 night stand with.

For many years I have been the best friend; the girl guys come to when they like your pretty friend? The one that's not so attractive but great to have around? That was always me. It was pretty cool for a while, before i got a bit tired of it. I still remember wishing I was as appealing as my one friend because, she was always "the hot one". Then came 2010 and I sort of got my wish. Now, when I look back, I realise how tiring it is to be viewed like that, because at the end of the day, you're not seen as someone with much depth. No one looks past the pretty face and well styled hair to the person inside.The crazy thing is though, the more of this attention I got, the more I wanted and pretty soon I had myself convinced that I can never be happy without it; It defined me. WHAT THE HELL?!! When did I become this person? I don't even know....

But you know what they say, the first step to recovery is admitting your problem so it's back to theroad to self discovery again. I want to again be that girl that did not depend on people's affirmation to be happy; she was great!  I really liked her...

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